U Done F’d Up: Market Confessions

I’ve done a lot of stupid things this year. Here is a list of just dumb things I did in the market.

  • Trimmed $SQ before a massive run (to buy $TWTR)
  • Trimmed $SFIX before a massive run
  • Trimmed $PINS before a massive run
  • Sold my $GRWG call options far too early (missed out on at least $3k gains)
  • Sold my $CCL puts in early March vs early April (missed out on at least $5k gains)
  • Traded $ETSY call options right around earnings and got crushed by volatility
  • Bought $AMZN call options with the wrong strike date (good bye $800)
  • I check my Robinhood far too often

I think it’s important to recognize these mess ups. I post my results, good or bad. Lately, it has been mostly good, but that doesn’t mean I can’t learn from my mistakes.

What have I learned? Let my winners run, don’t get too anxious and start trimming early. I buy companies I trust (for the most part, exception $GRWG), so I need to trim less, buy more. I need to get better at options or stop trading them. DO NOT trade options around earnings, no matter how smart you think you are. The tough answer might be that I am a buy and hold investor and I should act like one. All of my mistakes come from improper activity. I might need to cool it with options and just keep buying quality stocks.

Author: fatbabyfunds