The Grandest Mistake of Them All

It seems so easy to time the market. We can see all the terrible things happening right before our eyes. See below for two recent examples:

The world was going to burn. Stocks were going to tank no matter WHAT. If the market hates one thing, it is uncertainty and we are going to have a contested election! Me since the presidential election +$70k.

We are in the beginning of a pandemic. SELL EVERYTHING. The world will never recover. This bear market will last YEARS. Shift to 100% cash or get rekt. Me since March 15th +$147k.

Literally, these two examples were a pandemic and a contested elections. Those are pretty f’ing bad. But the market works in funny ways. I’ve never met anyone who could accurately time the market, so why do you think you can? Just keep DCA’ing (dollar cost average) into quality assets and don’t worry about timing.

If I were trying to time this market, I would be in cash since March. But instead, I’ve made life changing money. You WILL miss more money than you will make by trying to time the market. Does this mean YOLO and go into leverage? Nope. Don’t invest anything you can’t lose. But just know, going into cash is timing the market and people are terrible at timing the market.

Author: fatbabyfunds

2 thoughts on “The Grandest Mistake of Them All

  1. Went in cash as the market started crashing at around 300SPY back in March. Starting buying back in 230SPY and was fully invested 265SPY. Made good returns on my retirement up until the election. Went back to cash 345SPY then the market took off without me. Fell for the rhetoric…this article is a gem.

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