The New Internet: Burning Barriers to Entry the Fuck Down

I’ve been on an investing tear. Life changing money. Why? Robinhood burned the barriers to entry the fuck down. I never would have traded if I had to pay a commission on every trade. Robinhood gave me the opportunity and I took it. How many people are there like me? I would guess hundreds of thousands, if not millions.

Robinhood is just one example of the internet enabling the people to profit. Spotify is changing the music industry, removing the power from the record labels and give it back to the artist. The record label might have made sense at one point, but the internet is giving the power back to the people. Too many people have been taken advantage of, but the internet is changing that.

The real problem is barriers to entry. People make beautiful things and are in general, amazing. They just need the right opportunity. So many internet companies are giving that. Netflix, Airbnb, Spotify, Robinhood, etc… they all are leading the change. Remove the barriers to entry and beautiful things happen.

Author: fatbabyfunds