2023 – New Year, Same (Hopefully Slightly Smarter) Me

I didn’t have a great investing year, I made a ton of dumb mistakes and lost a lot of money. Yet I stayed true to my strategy and didn’t panic trade in and out of stocks. I’ll take that as a minor win!

I always try to learn, just in a slow way. Learning is tough because it’s easy to “learn” too quickly in such wild markets like these. The bear market will tell you one thing (momentum traders are loving this) vs the prior bull market (growth traders were “learning” expensive stocks could just keep going up). The reality is somewhere between the two.

I won’t be dramatically changing my investing strategy (buy and hold great companies) in 2023, but hopefully I’ll slowly be improving it. I’ve proven I can hold through massive downturns… now I just need to be smarter at what I’m holding!

Fat to Fit by Dall-E 2

Author: fatbabyfunds