10 Degenerate Bets

I invest 98% of my money. Buy and hold. The kind of investing that puts people to sleep. Every now and then, I let the degenerate in me out. Plus, we are in a bear market, so we really need to have some fun.

Here are my latest degenerate trade ideas:

  • Long $HOOD – This is a bad idea. Robinhood is filled with risk and burning cash like crazy. Yet, I am a happy user of Robinhood. They have my money as long as they don’t fuck up. They are literally trading at the amount of cash they have on their balance sheet. I know this is a bad idea, but the degenerate in me doesn’t care.
  • Long $CMPS – Let’s be honest, I don’t know much about this company. Mushrooms are fun though and could moon! Balance sheet looks healthy. Some smart people like it. Seems better than owning weed stocks.
  • Long uranium – Do I even know what Uranium is used for? Nope. Something about nuclear power plants and military uses. Plus, it’s down quite a bit. Seems like a prime opportunity for a degenerate gamble.
  • Lamar Jackson for MVP – 25 to 1 odds? Are they serious? He won the MVP once, he can do it again.
  • Arbitrage low volume NFTs – I’ve been noticing some significant variances in floor prices between Coinbase NFT and OpenSea. Where Coinbase is lower, you can swing trade these items (keep in mind gas fees, creator fees, OpenSea fees, etc…). I’ve been playing around with Dune analytics to try and systematically find these items (find increasing floors on OpenSea, check to see those on Coinbase). The sketchy part about this is generally only available on low volume projects, where you might get stuck holding the bag. That being said, I haven’t been caught with one yet!
  • BTFD on shitty NFTs – The possibilities are endless. Whether you are investing in the memeconomy or supporting pizza parties, NFTs are where degenerates gamble away their life savings. Buy their life savings for pennies on the dollar, so you can lose your pennies on the dollar!
  • Milwaukee Bucks to win the NBA Championship at 15 to 2 odds. Giannis is the best player in the league, let’s not overcomplicate this.
  • Short $AAPL – Part of me believes the bear market isn’t over until $AAPL isn’t trading at a historically high PE. Shorting a cult brand is dumb, but I gotta embrace the degenerate in me.
  • Betting the under on inflation – core inflation is at 6%. The fed is actively slowing down the economy. Fed funds rate will likely be at 3% before end of year, if the supply chain woes start to lighten, why wouldn’t inflation massively pull back? This all makes sense, but what do I know about macro? Not much.
  • $SPOT calls – I don’t need to get into why, but who needs to own shares when you can own LEAPS? Spotify is already a risky play, why not add some more time risk on top of that!

Please don’t do any of these. They mostly are all dumb, but that is what degenerate bets are. Sometimes putting a small amount of money on one of these bets can prevent you from doing something much dumber.

Author: fatbabyfunds