The Optionality of Ethereum

I’m all kinds of torn on Ethereum. When you use it, it’s just silly. Paying $150 just to make a transaction is silly and sort of against the whole point of web3.

Despite the extreme fees, Ethereum has been chugging along. The best projects are all on Ethereum despite Solana being significantly cheaper.

The potential around DAOs/NFTs alone are absurd and that doesn’t include any of the unknown. Ethereum is essentially a computer and the use cases (optionality) are absurd.

I can’t even guess what Ethereum will look like 5 years from now. In some ways it’s exciting. In some ways it’s terrifying. Honestly, the bull case is Ethereum becomes entwined throughout our society. The bear case is paying huge fees is dumb and decentralization isn’t close to ready yet. I’ve got no clue which one is true.

Author: fatbabyfunds