On Buffett and Happiness

Money doesn’t make you happy, well at least for most people.

I recently listened to The Snowball on the life of Warren Buffett. It wasn’t fully what I expected. I always just assumed Warren had his shit together. He was rich and from Omaha. Not sure why, but something about that combination just made me assume he was different.

Sometimes you forget that rich people are just as f’d up as the rest of us, if not more. Even the ones from Omaha.

From odd love triangles to obsession over weight, Buffett has his fair share of weirdness. He’s struggled immensely with his familial relations.

Honestly, while listening to this book, I questioned whether I was happier than Warren. I’m pretty happy and my wife hasn’t left me yet, so I got that going for me.

After a bit, I realized, I don’t come close to Warren’s happiness. He cares about money, first and foremost. Everything else is just noise. Everything else could be a train wreck, but if money drives your happiness and you are filthy rich, you are probably filthy happy. I’ve got more money

It’s easy to assume everyone else wants the same things as we do, but rarely is that the case.

Author: fatbabyfunds