22 Wild Predictions for 2022

I love wild predictions. I expect most of these will be wrong but at worst it is a fun thought exercise.

  1. Coinbase hits $700
  2. Amazon stock hits $5,000
  3. Opendoor continues to successfully scale business during a continued real estate bull market
  4. Gamestop and AMC remain at their inflated market caps
  5. $DWAC stock is the next meme stock and hits $200
  6. Another covid strain causes panic in the markets right after everyone assumes we are finally past COVID
  7. Apple’s P/E cuts in half
  8. Stripe IPOs to a $200B market cap
  9. Meta stock tanks below $200 as concerns around the metaverse/Facebook blue moun. Zuck doubles down on the metaverse in the face of haters
  10. Twitter monetization improves rapidly sending stock soaring
  11. Sea Limited stock tanks as Shopee becomes larger and larger part of the future of Sea Limited
  12. Crypto continues to skyrocket. Bitcoin hits $100k, Ethereum hits $15k and NFTs/shitcoins continue to go wild
  13. Centralization continues not to matter on web3 as the faster blockchains continue to show eye popping returns
  14. NBA Top Shot enters a speculative bubble doubling the previous peak
  15. Play to earn gaming becomes the next crypto bubble
  16. Airdrops become more and more prevalent in crypto and a huge problem in web3
  17. After the rockets, crypto winter hits web3 hard. Ethereum takes 75% hit. Shitcoins take 95% hit.
  18. Tesla valuation cuts in half from it’s peak then does a stock split
  19. Inflation keeps surging and shows no signs of slowing down
  20. Interest rate rises drive the market spiraling until everyone realizes it was priced in the whole time
  21. Doordash continues to put up significant growth numbers despite things returining to “normal”
  22. Nvidia cuts in half from peak

Author: fatbabyfunds