Change Your Timeframe, Change Your Results

The curse of the modern investor is that they get lost in the moment. We live in an age of great distraction. From Twitter to TV, the distractions follow you. Preaching the long term isn’t sexy, so it doesn’t get talked about.

One of the biggest differences you can make in life is to expand your time horizon. When making a decision, ask yourself whether the information driving the concern is a short or long-term concern? For instance, Roku is facing a major sell off right now. If you were a bull before this sell off, but are now concerned, is price action (short term) driving your decision? It’s easy to conflate short and long-term thinking, but writing out your decisions to explain why you are doing something is a great way to help tease out the whole thing.

Create a system of checks and balances on yourself to make sure you are focusing on the long term.

Author: fatbabyfunds