Just Keep Buying: A Mantra for Getting Rich

My favorite investing saying is “Just Keep Buying“. It is so simple. You literally just keep buying. Sell? Nope, that’s not buying. While it is simple, I think the saying does have some depth if you think about it.

Just keep buying has technical routes. Dollar cost averaging is an investing strategy, where you break up a large purchase in order to reduce volatility in purchases. For example, lets say you want to start a position in $TSLA. Tesla is a very volatile stock, so where you enter can really swing returns. With DCA, you slowly enter a position to get more of a blended cost. DCA over a long enough period and bubbles will just be a minor inconvenience. On top of all of that, you don’t have to worry about timing the market. Essentially, you just keep buying.

Just keep buying also extends to saving as well. You need money to be constantly buying. How do you do that? By spending less! It takes effort to have money every month to invest, but that is what you need to do. Just keep buying doesn’t mean, buy when you can. It means find any way to just keep buying.

However, to be clear, just keep buying is an every mans strategy to get rich. It doesn’t matter how much you can buy, as long as you just keep buying. If all you can do is $20 per week, then do that! If you can do $200 per week, then do that. The point is that just keep buying scales up and down with your income. The key is regularity.

Just keep buying may be simple, but I think its a simply genius concept. Sometimes the best things don’t have to be complicated.

Author: fatbabyfunds