Boomers and the Internet

Boomers didn’t grow up on the internet. Boomers don’t understand the internet. This has led to only the obvious industries being revolutionized. Its not a coincidence that Airbnb, Uber, etc.. all started up recently. Boomers didn’t trust the internet, didn’t understand that trust could be confirmed by the internet.

Boomers are on their way out. People raised on the internet are starting to take power. Trust is no longer a concern. Money is moving online (Bitcoin), real estate is moving online (Zillow), healthcare is moving online (Teladoc) and so much more. This is really just the start. Voting will move online. Protests will move online. Journalism will be massively changed. Jobs are moving virtual. I’m sure I am missing some of the most obvious transformations that will take place over the next ten years.
Things will be changing fast, lets make some money off of it.

Author: fatbabyfunds