Stock Market Predictions

I’m not saying these will happen, but I do think the below predictions are more likely to happen than people believe. Where you see a gap between what you believe versus the market, its an opportunity.

Facebook will be the next Apple.  I don’t like Facebook, I don’t use Facebook, but goddamn are their financials nice.  When I first started investing, I remember reviewing Apple’s financials and being blown away.  I had a similar feeling while reviewing Facebook’s financials.  Facebook might not continue to have user growth, but the monetization of the existing user base has just begun.  I expect significant revenue growth going forward.
Spotify will be the new Netflix.  The music industry isn’t a lucrative, high margin business.  Podcasting could be.  Spotify is currently amassing content a la Netflix.  On top of this, Spotify has started to branch off into new categories and will be entering the video streaming market with the Joe Rogan Experience.  I don’t know what the future holds for Spotify, but I love the optionality.
I love betting.  It gives you skin in the game.  I’ve put my money into $FB and $SPOT.

Author: fatbabyfunds