Netflix: The New Cultural Zeitgeist

My views with Netflix have been evolving with the company. I never loved the stock in the past, it always felt like they wanted to be a content company and they were terrible at it. However, the introduction of their advertising tier marked a turning point in my view of the company. Delving deeper into the stock, the staggering scale of Netflix truly unexpectedly caught my attention.

Driving the Cultural Zeitgeist

I always knew Netflix dominated its competition in terms of scale, but after looking closer I believe the power of their distribution is underrated.

One of the clearest examples I see is the Beckham family gaining ~3M instagram followers after airing their documentary on Netflix. The list of these examples go on and on (think Drive to Survice, Suits, etc..). Content owners want their content on Netflix for these reasons.

When you combine this with other content owners now far more open to selling their content to Netflix… this creates an interesting dynamic and powerful negotiation angle for Netflix. Better yet, combined with recent developments in competitive dynamics (all of Netflix’s competitors gave up trying to not sell them their content), Netflix is in a better position than ever to do what it does best: tech.

Wrap It Up

I’ll write about Netflix more, but I think a combination of Netflix’s scale and new ad-based tier truly unlocks the next level for Netflix.

Netflix taking over the world by DALL-E 3

Author: fatbabyfunds