Bitcoin’s Back, Time to Sell?

Each gift has its burden. I’ve proven that I can hold assets through financial turmoil… which is a gift! Yet, it simultaneously is a burden. Knowing how to hold is a gift, knowing when to sell is an art.

Shadow and light are two sides of the same coin… one cannot exist without the other.

Zelda lol

Bitcoin is my largest holding and I held it from $3k to $19k, back to $3k, then all the way to $66k. It’s been a wild ride, but now that we are back to going vertical, what have I learned? Luckily, I’ve been blogging for awhile now and I can go back and see what I’ve said in bull and bear markets.

Seeing your portfolio cut in half makes you question some of your decisions. What if I hedged? What if I trimmed? What if I tried to sell the top?

All of those questions would’ve made me more money if I timed right, but that is a big if.

Being a stock picker is hard enough, why make it harder by adding time into the equation? As a buy and hodler, time is working on my side. As a trader, time works against you. Not only do you need to be right, but you need to be right in your timeframe. I’m going to keep things simple and HODL.

me in Buy and HODL

I’m just bullish, I try to be bearish. Yet I irrationally bounce back. I can’t stay bearish. Even when the markets down bad, I’m a bull. This isn’t an excuse to HODL though. I need to be smarter and I will trim this time as euphoria gets a little out of hand.

Yet when stocks or crypto randomly doubles, you need to strongly consider trimming. We are at that point. I don’t love the idea of trying to time the market, but trimming after something doubles without much fundamental driver behind it probably isn’t the worst version of timing the market. It’s not natural to me, but it’s probably right. And then you have to be ready to watch it double again after you trimmed… Either way, I still love Bitcoin and it will continue to remain my largest position by far.

Author: fatbabyfunds