Once in a…

I consider myself a lucky person. I’ve had multiple once in a lifetime opportunities in a short lifetime. 

People misunderstand how often opportunities come by them. When they see once in a decade opportunities pass them by, they ignore it, believing they happen less often than they truly do.

Once in a life means once in a decade. Once in a decade means once in a year. Life changing events are rare, but not as rare as everyone thinks. The key is taking advantage of them.

How to take Advantage of Opportunities

People don’t take advantage of major opportunities when they come by for a number of reasons. They don’t see the opportunities. They don’t have the time to take advantage. They don’t have the money to take advantage. Open your eyes and make sure you always have time and money available.

Not to sound like a broken record, but to me this is optionality. Time and money optionality.

Author: fatbabyfunds