Five Ideas Stuck in My Head

Sometimes an idea gets stuck in your head. Not necessarily a good idea, but an idea nonetheless. The thing I love about ideas is that they don’t have to be good, they just have to be different. Then you keep iterating and experimenting until the bad becomes okay becomes good becomes great. And repeat.


Robinhood and Snapchat are eerily similar companies. Both are founder led, with very mixed results and have had wild swings in valuation and relatively clean balance sheets. Attention is a scarce resource and both companies (for better or worse) have it. How can they monetize that?

Several mega caps are going to fail sooner than later. If you look at history, it is inevitable. My guess is that the market thinks this would be Meta/Google, but I’m not sure. Maybe it is Amazon, with AWS losing share and everything else not pulling its weight. I think it’s good to step back and see historical valuations swings of the largest companies in the world. The world has changed, history may not repeat, but it rhymes.


Passing is completely underrated in basketball. At this point, everyone appreciates the value of shooting and defense. The Warriors have gone on an epic run and did so via shooting, defense and… passing. The Spurs sneakily had a dynasty that was built around ball movement. Denver just won a championship around the best passing big man of all time. It’s relatively simple, but I think making sure every player on the court can excels at 2 of the 3 (passing, shooting or defense) makes sense. It sounds obvious, but so many player decisions in the NBA go against this (i.e paying Jordan Poole $130M when he’s an okay scorer and not much else).

The future of the NFL is two QBs on the field at the same time. If QBs are by far the highest value position on the field, why has no one ever tried to put two onto the field at once? I know I’m going full Vivek here, but I’m about it. Some people say, no dumb questions… I say no dumb ideas!

Life Hacks

Credit card points hacking is simultaneously overrated and underrated. So many people neglect to understand that time is the rarest asset. You can use credit cart points hacking either to buy you time or to lose you time. Spending a few hours in this area can give you massive benefits, everything after that seems like a rapidly depreciating return.

Ideas In the Clouds

A lot of these ideas are probably down right dumb (2 qbs lol), but I think they are interesting. Hopefully these lead to something actually useful!

Author: fatbabyfunds