Why I’m Buying

Times like these, everything looks (and smells) like a shit company. It makes you want to sell. Run for the hills.

Bear arguments are everywhere and probably right. From supply chain woes, to World War III, humanity is a tire fire. Yet, that’s always the case. Why is this time different?

I don’t think it is. The key word is think. I don’t know anything. Timing the market is an impossible task.

Once you accept you know nothing, everything becomes easier. You make decisions increasingly slowly to ensure you aren’t a slave to the present, but rather focused on the future. Decide what you want to buy, then keep doing it. Constantly think on your positions, but rarely act on it (other than regularly buying).

The world is always ending, but never ends. So I’m buying. I’m always buying. I’m buying because I know nothing.

Author: fatbabyfunds