Time to Tinker

The term convexity can be confusing. Convexity is based in mathematics and the technical definition will make your head spin. However, once you simplify it down to layman terms, it makes a lot more sense.

Simply put, convexity is where a marginal increase causes more benefit than harm. It is a form of asymmetry.

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Tinkering is a small, continuous experimentation. It isn’t betting the farm. Tinkering are small bets or tweaks.

Many people fight back against the idea of optionality. Some of these concerns are valid. Accruing options endlessly does nothing. You need to be moving forward on your path while accruing options. Optionality isn’t an end to itself, its a scaler.

Convex tinkering does a great job of explaining this. You tinker to improve something. Tinkering happens as you continue on your path.

Let’s Tinker

We all need to tinker more, but not blindly in any direction. Find areas of opportunity where you think convexity might exist, then tinker. Let’s tinker.

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