Fear: What is it Good For?

World War 3 is here. Inflation is the highest it has been in 40 years. Interest rate hikes are coming. And on top of this, the market is still following memes and bumping shitcoins. Layer in a completely inefficient bureaucratic government and we should be shitting bricks. But I’m not.

Why We Shouldn’t Be Scared

We haven’t died yet, have we? It may sound glib, but it’s true. All of our lives we have been facing very real fears, but we are all still here. People are resoundingly great at overcoming adversity, particularly when we see it coming.

Maybe I’m Wrong

Maybe the world will end. I’ve never been good at telling this kind of stuff, but I’m an optimist. The world works out its problems, it just needs some time.

Author: fatbabyfunds