Buy the F’ing Dip

I’m a bull.

Every now and then I’ll get bearish, but when I get bearish is in times of great unknown. This isn’t one of those times.

Sure, we have a lot of shit happening right now. From Omnicron to inflation to supply chain concerns, we have tons of unknowns right now. Yet most of these are short-term concerns. I’m not saying inflation is transitory, but 6% inflation doesn’t make me sell great companies. I believe we can solve all of our supply chain problems and many of the smartest minds in the world are working on this right now. What we are dealing with right now isn’t really that strange. We are constantly dealing with known risks like these that have long-term solutions.

I’m more concerned when the unknown risks are greater than known risks, but this rarely happens. It happened in February 2020. It happened ahead of the great financial crisis. I don’t see it happening right now.

Maybe I’m missing it. Maybe I’m an idiot. Either way, I can tell you that if you are patient enough, this isn’t the top. Things will rebound, its just a matter of time and luckily I have a lot of time ahead of me.

Author: fatbabyfunds