30 Lessons from 30 Years

I just turned 30. It’s been a wild decade. I found the love of my life, went from $12 per hour to $200k+ per year, got married, bought a house, started my blog and learned a lot. Here are 30 lessons from 30 years:

  1. Live with optionality. Asymmetric risk is the key to living your best life.
  2. Never become jaded, because once you become jaded you’ve already lost.
  3. Most things you are told are just stories. It is up to you to decide what you believe in.
  4. Be disagreeable, but midwestern about it. It’s a fine line, but try to be contrarian at times without being a dick.
  5. Think laterally. Apply what you learn in one domain to others.
  6. Change moves in funny ways. Don’t expect linear transitions, they rarely happen. Plan for chaos, then embrace it.
  7. A father’s sins follow his family beyond his years. Take your responsibilities seriously.
  8. Understand feedback loops. Many times the conflicts in our lives had warnings we ignored, only for that problem to compound.
  9. Act with gumption, it will set you apart.
  10. Forecasting doesn’t work and most things are based on forecasts. Act accordingly.
  11. Talent stacks make ordinary skills combine into an extraordinary person.
  12. Writing is powerful. It creates mental clarity and is a wonderful addition to your talent stack.
  13. Compounding is magic. Small gains mixed with time can lead to extraordinary results.
  14. Don’t stop too early. Compounding is only magic if you let it work.
  15. Be open, even to stupidity. What you might think is stupid, sometimes is genius
  16. Tripping is a great way to open your mind. Get out of your mind (in a safe way) to become more open.
  17. If you ever feel superior to others, you have done something wrong.
  18. Do hard things. The obstacle is the way.
  19. Networks are an extremely powerful force. Build your network deep and wide and magical things will happen.
  20. Look for commonalities, then take them apart to understand how they apply to different circumstances
  21. Karma is real.
  22. Once in a lifetime opportunities come every decade.      
  23. Fear of rejection is the most common reason people fail.
  24. Radical acceptance is too radical – taking the blame for everything isn’t healthy and stifles others growth
  25. Happiness and pleasure are often conflated. Make sure you know the difference.
  26. Once in a lifetime opportunities come once in a decade, we are just too busy worrying about the last missed opportunity to see the current ones passing us by.
  27. Live life with a sense of calm, but don’t be afraid to burn it the fuck down.
  28. Your reputation is everything. When you die it’s all that will remain.
  29. Admit when you are wrong (quickly). 
  30. Follow your serendipity.

Author: fatbabyfunds