Three Ideas to Change the World

1. The Creator Economy

The stars are aligning. From NFTs to paid podcast subscriptions, new ways of monetization are popping up everywhere.

It’s fun to talk about how much money the 1% will make, but to me it is even more fun to think about everyone else. Once you start combining the creator economy with 1,000 true fans, powerful things happen. Millions of people will make their living off of their creations. It’s really beautiful when you think about it.

Social commerce and the creator economy will inevitably be linked. The creator economy will be driven by influencers. Not necessarily in the way we currently think of influencers, but in a much more segmented way. While we still likely will have massive YouTube influencers, etc… every niche will have their own influencers. 1000 true fans laid out the case for this in the past, but recent developments have made me more bullish on this idea than ever before.

My favorite investments for the creator economy: $TWTR, $SPOT, $FB, $ADBE

2. It’s Still Early for E-Commerce

Amazon has been around for 27 years. How are we still early for e-commerce?

I see a future where we’ll buy everything online. Right now we buy a lot online; in the future we will buy everything online. From housing to groceries, the future of commerce is via the internet. We’ve experienced a ton of e-commerce growth over the last 10 years, but I’d expect similar growth over the next 10 years. The market hasn’t priced this growth in.

Buying your house online is just the first step, especially as digital goods become more and more prevalent in the future. Someone just bought a digital house for $500k. It seems so dumb, but the future usually does.

My favorite investments for e-commerce: $AMZN, $SHOP, $SFIX, $SE

3. Crypto Will Change the World

I’m a huge crypto bull. Bitcoin is my largest holding and it’s not really close. But crypto hasn’t truly had a major impact on our world yet. Don’t get me wrong, it has impacted tons of lives for the positive. I’m just so bullish that I see a world-changing future there and crypto has barely scratched the surface of its potential.

Bitcoin is just the beginning – it’s the base layer of a massive potential. Ethereum is also a massive unknown with huge potential. Better yet, the smartest minds are flocking towards crypto. On top of all of this, Wall Street just sort of sucks. Combine all of these elements plus a little time and amazing things will happen.

My favorite investments for crypto: $BTC, $ETH, $SQ, $COIN

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Author: fatbabyfunds