Elevator Pitchin’ All My Stocks

Brevity is the soul of wit. In 20 seconds or less, I’ll try to explain why I have a position in each of these stocks.

  • $SPOT – The premier audio company. Dominating music streaming, podcasts and audio ads. 350M users strong and still growing. A trillion dollar company hiding in plain sight. Founder-led.
  • $SQ – Encouraging economic empowerment for everyone. Start a business or take control of your finances. Bursting with optionality. Strong brand. The most Bitcoin-friendly publicly traded company. Founder-led.
  • $Z – The first stop in real estate, and working to become the last stop as well. Real estate disruption is in the first inning. Founder-led.
  • $ETSY – COVID-19 shifted the demand for the niche store online. Etsy’s marketplace was ready and waiting. Etsy’s sellers are amazingly quick and resilient.
  • $SFIX – Disrupting an extremely competitive industry. Stitch Fix predicts what you want and then ships it to you. Data driven. Strong financials. Churn is lower than you would think given the business model. Constantly improving. Founder-led.
  • $PINS – Social commerce is the future and Pinterest is perfectly placed with their visual search engine. Large and growing user base. Under-monetized. Founder-led.
  • $MELI – Leader in e-commerce and FinTech in Latin America. A proven company with strong financials and optionality. Founder-led.
  • $FB – Any and every marketplace is under the threat of Facebook. Bursting with optionality and flush with cash. Zuck is still extremely young and an excellent capital allocator. Founder-led.
  • $CRM – Extremely sticky software company. Proven track record of successful acquisitions. Founder-led.
  • $PTON – Cult brand disrupting a massive industry. Significant pricing power and emerging optionality. Founder-led.
  • $STNE – Significantly underbanked population. Very reasonable valuation. FinTech leader in Brazil, with big ambitions. Founder-led.
  • $TDOC – Healthcare is ripe for disruption. People don’t like going to the doctor or how expensive it is… If only there was another way…
  • $DKNG – The leader in online gambling. An emerging industry with plenty of imminent future growth. Gamifying gambling to make dopamine even cheaper. Founder-led.
  • $SHOP – Constantly evolving to meet customer needs. Software into logistics into capital, Shopify has proven past optionality and still has plenty of room for growth. Founder-led.
  • $TWTR – Loaded with potential and optionality. A wealth of information and data, currently under-monetized. Valuation represents past struggles of management, but not future potential. Founder-led.
  • $ADBE – High quality, underrated business. Successfully transitioned to cloud-based business. Highly profitable and growing business, with a reasonable valuation.
  • $SE – Started a successful gaming business, then kept on investing in themselves in new ways. Now with three successful businesses, what will they take on next? Growing rapidly in multiple directions. Founder-led.
  • $AMZN – Day 1.
  • $SMG – Sneaky weed play. I want to buy weed stocks, but hate them all. So I invested in indoor farming.
  • $ZM – Ended up in the right place and right time, but not on accident. Growing extremely fast with emerging optionality. The future of communications is changing and Zoom is leading the way. Founder-led.

Author: fatbabyfunds