Elevator Pitches for my Top Investments

“As simple as possible, but no simpler” – Einstein

These are my elevator pitches for my investments. Short and simple because ain’t nobody got the time.
$SPOT – Spotify ($28k)
Revolutionized music industry, but margins are naturally low. Leveraging current user base into higher profit businesses (starts with podcasts). Founder led.
$SQ – Square ($12k)
Disruptive fintech. Seller (small business) and CashApp. CashApp growing extremely fast and in multiple directions. Essentially, financial optionality. Banks suck. Amazing marketing. Founder led.

$MELI – Mercado Libre ($8k)
Combination of E-commerce and fintech. Lots of optionality. Founder led.

$ETSY – Etsy ($7k)
The local niche store isn’t dying, its moving online. E-commerce is just starting.

$ZG – Zillow ($6k)
Verb stock. Real estate will move online. No clear path to monetization, but that’s because Zillow has tons of optionality. Founder led.

$BTC – Bitcoin (a lot)
Banks suck. Politicians suck. I don’t trust either. I’d rather have a protocol. Internet led.

Author: fatbabyfunds